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Friends Sites

Travel Blog - Brighton bloggers rantings & travels
David Coats - Blog of a single male 25 from Brighton
Addam Hassan - Some person from Hastings!
Dan Goodwin - Xbox Torrents and 360 Blog
Jonathan Stewart - Up to the date football results and news

Other Sites

Travel Photos - Travel Photos from world over
Yamaha Club - The Yamaha Owners Club
Yamaha Motorbike Insurance - The Yamaha Owners Club Motorcycle insurance scheme
Karate in Brighton | Shotokan Club - The Brighton Shotokan Karate Club
PBM Technical Services Review - My shocking review of PBM Technical Services
Alex's Myspace - If you can't beat them join them...
Code-d - the code-d homepage

Travel Sites

City Traveller - The travel blog for the urban traveller
Extravagant Traveller - For those who are fortunate to take luxury holidays
Resort Traveller - The Resort Traveller offers typical holiday advice
Weekend Traveller - The Weekend Traveller provides tips for weekend breaks
Hotel Traveller - The Hotel Traveller is great if you do a lot of work/business travel
Family Traveller - The Family travel guide, offering ways to save money and travel with kids