important smurfs

papa smurf

papa smurf

papa smurf is the village leader and is easily identifiable by his white beard and red clothes. papa smurf is 542 years old. he uses his wisdom to persuade other smurfs rather than tell them what to do. he often saves the younger smurfs from danger. he’s also a fantastic alchemist, and spends loads of time in his laboratory.



gargamel, the smurfs wicked enemy originally created smurfette to try and stir up trouble in the smurf village. luckily papa smurf’s magic potion turned smurfette into the charming cute little smurf that every smurf loves

brainy smurf


brainy is the only smurf that takes everything seriously. brainy smurf is a moraliser and believes that everything papa smurf says is sacred. somehow everyone manages to put up with him, the smurfs find him a real bore and think he’s annoying.

jokey smurf


jokey smurf spends all his time planning pranks. he makes gift-wrapped packages that explode in the other smurfs faces and has an endless stream of jokes and pranks. he often gets on everyone’s nerves. and every now and again his jokes backfire.

grouchy smurf


it doesn’t matter what any smurf says, grouchy is against it. he mumbles, grumbles, moans and rants and always thinks negative things. but underneath all this ranting, he’s a softy and loves sassette and baby. but he would hate any other smurf to know this.