the smurfs creator peyo


we are very lucky as we nearly didn't have the smurfs. peyo, pierre culliford took his nickname early on in his illustration career, based on an english cousin's mispronunciation of "pierrot".

after leaving school in brussels peyo went job seeking, he saw two jobs that took his fancy. one being a dental assistant and the other being an illustrator. he actually went first for the dental assistants position but arrived too late and never got the job.

after taking the other job peyo made his first comics for the french newspaper la dernière heure, the latest hour.

due to the amount of comic artists in brussels, he quickly learned off of some of the most talented comic strip artists ever, one of them being his lifelong writing partner yvan delporte, and others such as andré franquin and maurice de bevere, morris.

he spent a long time trying to get his break, and eventually stumbled upon a job for a french children's magazine called "le journal de spirou". peyo wrote a number of cartoons here, including "poussy", "pierrot", and "benoît brisefer" with his most popular characters being "johan and peewit", but in 1958 the smurfs as we know them now went on their first appearance and became one of the worlds most famous cartoon characters.