the smurfs

smurf facts

the smurfs were first shown on 23rd october 1958 in a story of johan and peewit in a french magazine called "le journal de spirou". their belgium creator pierre culliford, peyo, had worked on other cartoons before the smurfs. the smurfs were originally known as 'les schtroumpfs' in french. the flemish word "schtroumpf", smurf, is comparable in to the english slang word "whatchamacallit".

the smurfs started as secondary characters in his cartoons, but later became famous themselves. they started in mini albums, and soon began to take over full cartoon albums.

then their first film appeared called "the smurfs and the magic flute", the music from the film was by michel legrand and he also sang the chorus.

their next claim to fame was when a dutch singer named vader abraham released the first ever smurf music single. it was a big hit in europe which went worldwide. later on figurines, toys, a hit record later, and above all the tv animations brought papa smurf and the smurfs all around the world.

hanna & barbera in 1981 started to produce a tv animation series for nbc in america. with nearly 300 episodes produced they showed in about 30 countries.

their creator pierre culliford, more memorably known as peyo died in 1992. but what a legend he left behind, smurfs have never been so famous. over ten million smurf cd's have sold since 2000, with storybooks, smurf video and dvd collections in dozens of different languages.

i'm sure with all the smurfimedia and of course all us fans out there i'm sure that our little blue friends will have plenty in store for us all to come in the future.