the smurf movie

the smurfs

paramount's in the process of acquiring the rights to the smurfs and setting up a cgi animated feature with producer jordan kerner and nickelodeon movies.

jordan kerner has conceived the development as a trilogy or should i say smurfology and are set to release the first episode in 2008 to coincide with the smurfs 50th anniversary.

herb ratner is writing the script. he recently wrote "mr. lucky". the new smurfs trilogy storyline is being kept top secret, so if you have any news on this please send me an email so i can update this page.

paul neesan from kerner entertainment, helped acquire the rights from studio peyo and imps, is to be the executive producer with nick senior and julia pistor. paramount's matt jackson will oversee for the studio.

the teaming of nickelodeon and kerner entertainment on the smurfs trilogy comes just after they have finished production on "charlotte's web" together with walden media. that movie stars dakota fanning, and was released in june.

so i guess they can now pull all their resources together to create a truly excellent smurf movie!

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