young smurfs

baby smurf

baby smurf

on a moonlit night, baby smurf was dropped off to the village from the skies above by a stork. no one knows where baby smurf came from, but everyone immediately loved him. even though he breaks their normal everyday routines in their lives.

the smurflings

the smurflings somehow managed to get caught in father time’s clock, they are the only smurfs who are not 100 years old. the smurflings are getting younger, their names are slouchy, nat and snappy.

slouchy smurf


slouchy isn’t really lazy. his excuse is that he doesn’t care for anything. if he’s asked to do something, he will. but very slowly. he plays in the smurfling band with his saxophone. slouchy is extremely laid back.

nat nat


nat is a nature devotee, and more than anything else loves animals. his favourite living creature is the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. hes always barefoot and likes wearing a straw hat.

snappy smurf


snappy is a ball of energy, and goes utterly berserk when he doesn’t get his way. snappy is so impatient and short tempered that only papa smurf can manage to calm him down.

sassette smurf


to keep smurfette company sassette was created by the smurflings. sassette has red pigtails and pink overalls. a rough and tumble tomboy who is always asking why, where and how?. sassette and smurfette are as different as chalk and cheese.

puppy smurf


homnibus gave puppy to papa smurf as a gift. but even a little dog is huge by smurf standards, which can lead to many problems. baby smurf was the only smurf to manage to open his collar, so became the dog’s master. puppy often saves the other smurfs from gargamel and azrael’s attacks.